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Celebrating love...

Welcome, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

I am a Melbourne-based marriage celebrant and I would be honoured to conduct your ceremony. I will create a personalised and memorable wedding ceremony that truly represents your love story, delivered in an elegant and caring style while always fun and relaxed.

As a professional marriage celebrant, I believe that your wedding ceremony should be a reflection of your unique relationship and personalities. That’s why I work closely with you to design a ceremony that captures the essence of your love, while also making your special day as stress-free as possible.

I know weddings can be expensive, that’s why I deliberately keep my fees to a minimum to allow you some breathing space.  I also understand the importance of making your day special and memorable, which is why I offer a range of ceremonies, large and small.

No matter what type of ceremony you choose, I guarantee a seamless, stress-free experience that you and your guests will enjoy.  Contact me today to discuss your requirements.

Some of my beautiful couples and the kind words they said...

Marriage Celebrant Melbourne


This is your special day and the ceremony is the heart of your celebration. It should be a personal and meaningful event for you and all who attend.

Once you have chosen me to lead your ceremony, I’ll meet with you and discover your story; how you met, your dreams and goals for your life together. I will listen and provide ideas and resources to make your wedding ceremony unique.

My goal is to ensure that your special day is a reflection of your love, personality, and values, and that it is a day you will cherish for the rest of your life.

My services include customised wedding ceremonies, renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies, and elopements. I work with you to create a unique ceremony that tells your story, and to ensure that your wedding is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Answers to your questions...

What is a “registry-style” wedding?

This is a “legals only” or Elopement Wedding much as you would have at the registry office.  You still need to give one month’s notice, but you may personalise it with your own vows, readings etc.  It takes the stress and fuss out of a huge wedding – and I visit you rather than you having the hassle of travelling into the city.


How much notice do we need to give?

By law you need to give at least one month’s notice before you can marry in Australia. That requires you to complete a “Notice of Intended Marriage” and lodge it with a celebrant. The one month period commences from the time you lodge this form with me.

Download a Notice of Intended Marriage

How long does a wedding ceremony last?

A ceremony can last anywhere from 10 to 20+ minutes depending on your music choices and readings.  I will do mini, legals-only, registry-style weddings too with just a no-fuss, 10 minute ceremony.

What do I need to provide?

I need to see proof of identity like a passport.  Birth Certificates are OK if photo ID is given as well.  If either of you have been married before, I need to sight proof of termination.  If a former partner is deceased, proof must also be given.  If you need to apply for this proof, it may take time so please factor that into your proposed wedding date.

Can we get married at home?

Yes, you can get married anywhere you wish. To get married in a park or public place you will need permission from the local council or building owner.

Can I get married on a weekday?

It’s your wedding – it can be whenever and wherever you want. Weekday weddings are becoming very popular.

Can you travel to the country or interstate?

I am authorised to conduct weddings anywhere in Australia. That also means on islands that are Australian territories.

Can I choose my own vows and reading?

Absolutely. You can tailor your wedding as you wish. I will also give you suggestions for vows and readings.

What about same sex marriage?

Marriage equality arrived in Australia in December 2017, and I am thrilled to be able to help you celebrate your love.

Will I need a rehearsal?

Under the Celebrants’ Code of Practice, if requested by you, I will conduct a rehearsal at a mutually agreed time, date and place. However, please remember that there will be an additional fee for this service.

Do you do elopement style weddings?

Absolutely. They are very popular. You still need to give a month’s notice, but I will conduct a registry-style wedding with just the basic legal requirements.  All over in less than 10 minutes.  Only $500 (plus travel if it’s outside Melbourne).

What happens now?

Barrye Dickinson Marriage Celebrant

Let’s meet and talk about your wedding. I can travel to you or we can meet somewhere in between. It’s important to make a connection with each other. I’ll bring all the paperwork just in case! You might need to bring along things like your birth certificate, drivers licence or passport.

Barrye Dickinson Marriage Celebrant

If you would like me to conduct your wedding, we can set the date and start work on everything. I’ll give you an agreement that outlines everything just so we know what everyone has to do. We can liaise over the weeks (or months) to make sure everything is just as you want it. I’m here to help you.

Barrye Dickinson Marriage Celebrant

I’ll talk to you about your stories so your wedding script and vows are just right. Once we have everything set and you want a rehearsal (not a bad idea, particularly if it’s a bit complicated) we can choose a time and place and get cracking.

Barrye Dickinson Marriage Celebrant

On the big day you can rest assured I will be on time (early actually). I’ll have a portable PA system if we need it so no-one misses a thing. After the ceremony you will sign the legal things and get a beautiful certificate to take away. My work continues, sending everything off to the registry. You don’t ever have to worry.

One size does not fit all when it comes to weddings. Every package includes all legal requirements and lodgement of all legal documents with the relevant authorities in your state.

What packages are available?

My prices are very competitive and you can be assured of a ceremony that will be perfect for you
– just read some of the reviews my couples have left me.

As a guide: a basic wedding with a no-frills ceremony in the Melbourne metropolitan area is $395.  Larger ceremonies and weddings that require travel will increase slightly in price.
I am happy to quote a price for you.

If you need an official Certificate of Marriage which will be mailed to you from the Registrar of Marriages, the current price is around $70.

Contact me and let’s discuss your plans.

Please contact me...

Complete this form, or call or SMS me on  0425 701292 to discuss your requirements, or email


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